Anthropology : The Cultural Anthropology Essay

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There are many different field of anthropology. There are anthropology that study language which we call it linguistic anthropology, archaeology is also one of the field of anthropology, and then there is the cultural anthropology, which is what I will be focusing on in this essay. The development of cultural anthropology is important for the world especially United States because United States have been in a long-standing feud between many ethnicities, most notable one is between whites and blacks. This history between white going against black, and black defending themselves from the white become the reason that created groups of people that believe in white superiority, it also affected the daily life of blacks and whites and it also change political decision made by the government. Different pieces of history event have been related to the development of cultural anthropology in United States. Cultural Anthropology have been changing constantly because the way we are viewing certain things are always changing. Anthropology back then is very different than the Anthropology today. Back then racism is a big issue, Anthropologist goes as far as measuring skull to “presented their findings as objective science: elaborate measuring techniques yielded columns of figures that inevitably placed white intelligence at the top of the scale, red and yellow capacities farther down, and blacks at the wholly uncivilization bottom.”(Pierpont, P.52) From the 1920 till present day United…

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