Anthropology : Anthropology And Anthropology Essay

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I would’ve never imagined the endless careers that are available to anthropology majors, before taking Professor Sharratt’s Intro to Anthropology course. The things that I have learned in anthropology have opened my mind to a variety of different career paths that is possible with a degree in anthropology. Anthropology majors go off to a plethora of careers with their degrees in anthropology. Anthropology is “the study of humankind in all times and place”. Anthropology has four different subfields which include: Physical/Biological, Socio/Cultural, Linguistic, and Archeology. This wide range of a study allows for one to stand out to companies in a various amount of industries including law, health, and often times business. Some job duties in anthropology related careers include researching, investigating, living with other people, designing museums, studying languages , doing fieldwork and plenty more. The careers that interested me the most while doing my research were: Forensic Anthropology, Exhibit Designer, and a Field technician. Forensic anthropology is a part of the physical/biological study of anthropology. One job duty of a forensic anthropologist includes; examining skeletal evidence, and determining how someone died. Most forensic anthropology is done after fieldwork, when one may find human remains, by doing research, and often time’s investigation of human remains. Forensic anthropology and forensic science have the same idea but are conducted just a little…

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