Essay about Anthropology And Sociology At The University Of Minnesota

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For four years during my undergrad I had the privilege of studying Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. When I started college, I believed that I would be pursuing a career in the museum world as a curator or in museum administration. However, my interests in the justice system along with my background in Anthropology conflicted with that goal of working in a museum setting until I found that I could have a career involving both of my areas of study. My experiences both personal and academic have made me consider a different career choice which allows me to work for the government with my Anthropology background as a forensic anthropologist.
Growing up in a small town located in central Minnesota was very boring and there was not much to do for fun. My family’s home was located near a small river so my sisters and I would explore the area and dig along the river’s edge to occupy our summers. One day, something in the water stuck between two boulders caught my eye. We dug into the shallow river’s edge and fished out a tin trophy that was lodged in between the two stones.
We were so excited to find something so out of the ordinary compared to the tractor parts and tin cans that we normally found. I took it to my grandfather who helped me clean it up so well that the silver trophy was gleaming and looked like it came from ancient Greece; granted I was about six years old so I was so excited that we found something so ancient in central…

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