Anthropology And Cultural Anthropology

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Anthropology is the study of the human race throughout time. It is linked to many other social sciences especially human biology, sociology, psychology, etc. Although they may have things in common, anthropology focuses mainly on the connections and interrelationships of all human aspects. Also, anthropology focuses on non-western people and cultures while other social sciences tend to concentrate more on American and European areas. This holistic perspective allows anthropologists to make their cultural perceptions and beliefs from misleading them from their research.
Anthropology is an interdisciplinary subject that consists of four primary sub-fields; physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistics and archaeology. These four approaches unite the sciences and humanities together. The two major goals of anthropology are understanding the uniqueness and the diversity in humans and to discover the shared similarities in every
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It chiefly targets humans as culture-producing and reproducing individuals. It is also known as sociocultural anthropology. A cultural anthropologist always thinks about social division such as, gender, age or class when exploring different prospects of cultures. Cultural anthropology consists of two parts: ethnography and ethnology. Ethnography is a precise explanation of a particular culture based on its on-location research. Ethnology is also known as cultural anthropology. Ethnology is the analysis of distinct cultures through various comparisons, using ethnography and forming a thesis to help clarify why these particular differences and similarities develop among cultures. An ethnographer only benefits from possible insights of another person’s culture through observations. Also, an ethnographer must know all aspects of the culture (social, political, linguistics, etc.) to fully understand someone’s

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