Essay about Anthropology 101

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1. How do anthropologists define marriage? What types of marriage are also identified? Also, watch one of the films in the course playlist pertaining to polygamy. Remember to think like an anthropologist and provide advantages and disadvantages to each type of marriage.
Marriage can be defined as a legal union of people coming together, combing their resources, and committing to their partner(s). It functions more than just a union of two people and may have a much broader significance than the relationship between husband and wife. Marriage brings families together and expands families by having children. It also provides information of the growth of families from one generation to the next (Dettwyler, 2011).
There are two types of
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Though the women is limited in the number of offspring she can have in her life time. Dettwyler (2011) states, “these marriages are very rare and are only seen where population growth is kept at minimum” (p.173).
Monogamy marriages are most common. Since relationships are complicated enough as they are, being married to only one person is most desirable to many. The notion of a romantic marriage is most ideal. Two people able to choose who they love and procreate with. However, there are often higher divorce rates among these marriages. Couples fall out of love and easily move on. With arranged marriages you may not love each other initially but, there are much lower rate of divorce. The marriage is stronger due to family support. Polygamy both polygyny and polyandry have a benefit of multiple spouses. They are able to share household duties or contribute financially relationship. The marriage is strongly based on religious values. In any marriage or family there can be abuse. But with polygyny there is no way for the young girls to seek help. Often being married off underage which is illegal and not ideal for young girls. Regardless of the type of marriage, those based on religious beliefs usually last longer.

2. Discuss the difference between internal and external social controls. Why are they necessary to maintain an ordered society? Internal and external controls are both necessary to maintain order in society. They

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