Anthropologu Essay

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Medical Anthropology

Goals better understand those factors which influence health and well being The experience and distribution of illness the prevention and treatment of sickness health processes the social relations of therapy management
Disease and illness Disease- an objectively measurable pathological condition of the body Tooth decay, measles, or a broken bone Illness- A feeling of not being normal and health may, in fact, be due to a disease it may also be due to a feeling of spiritual imbalance
Causes of illness caries radically from culture to culture similar, the methods considered acceptable for curing illness in one culture may be rejected by another tow explanatory traditions- naturalistic
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take it out my supernatural acts as pulling out or sucking out in personalistic medical systems, spirit possession, loss, or damage are seen as the result of actions by supernatural beings or people they may also be due to certain kinds or unpleasant or shocking social things
gusto results from incidents that have a destabilizing effect on an individual, causing the soul to leave the body (espiritu) symptoms: restlessness during sleep as well as being listless and

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