Ant101 Final Research Paper

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Final Research Paper
ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Final Research Paper
Different societies exist throughout the world and within these societies each society develops culture that works best for them. Within these cultures they pass all their acquired knowledge and traditions down from generation to generation. Nevertheless, each culture has their own way of life, own marriage beliefs, their own values and feelings on life and religious beliefs. Cultures tend to have their own way to run their government, and ways to keep their economy up to their standards. Most importantly in cultural anthropology it is imperative to value culture relativism. This is the view in which no culture is superior to other
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Women tend to stick with nontraditional careers for the simple reason that stereotypical attitudes suppress women’s achievements and contributions in the corporate world. However, women have descended upon traditional white male careers, such as architects, economists, pharmacists, lawyers, and journalists, and proven to be successful (Hill, 2013). In the end, women are participating more in the workforce is very evident; however, equal treatment is not there.
Undoubtedly, women make up half of the workforce in the United States, however, on average women are continually earning considerably less than men. According to Kahn (2014), women’s education is on a rapid rise; in particular the majority of recent college graduates are women, consequently assisting to lower the gender pay gap. Moreover, the United States Department of Labor declares women make only 80 cent to a man’s one dollar in 2009 (Hill, 2013, p.32). Therefore, women, on average, earn less than men in virtually every single occupation by a gender wage gap of 20 percent. Regardless of this, there is an upward trend of women starting their own businesses from home simply for the fact of flexibility and freedom that is associated with becoming an entrepreneur. Moreover, becoming an entrepreneur is appealing to women as they are balancing work and family. According to Hill (2013), “In 2009, three-quarters of women-owned businesses were majority owned by women for a total of 7.2

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