Another Tragic Story From Thomas J. Billitteri Essay example

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Another tragic story from Thomas J. Billitteri is of 11 year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover who hung himself in April 2009 after bullies repeatedly called him gay; his death helped prompt Massachusetts to pass a strict anti-bullying law last spring. It’s horrible to hear such grievous stories of young children ending their existence due to harsh comments from bullies. On the other hand bullying can lead to destructive behavior, which can lead to children bringing guns to school to seek revenge on those who have wrongfully treated them. Such as a seventh-grader at DeKalb High School in DeKalb, Missouri Nathan Feris that had more than enough after enduring four years of taunting from other children who called him “chubby” and “walking dictionary”. Feris brought a gun to school on March 2, 1987 and fatally shot another student before turning the gun on himself in class states Frank Barone. So who’s at risk of being bullied? Technically anyone could get bullied, but generally those who are perceived to be socially isolated, change schools often, have poor social skills, appear to be defenseless, are anxious, insecure or are just “different” have more of a risk of being bullied. Schools that are supervised by either police officers, security officers or school staff such as hallway monitors fewer children had disclosed to being bullied than those in schools that do not have and type of supervision between classes. Ruth A. Wienclaw states that The National…

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