Anorexia Nervosa Case Study

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Prevention Since Anorexia Nervosa usually affects adolescent girls most of the prevention programs we currently have are catered to teenage girls. These programs focus on helping to raise self-esteem and self-image while also educating these young women about anorexia nervosa. In a study conducted in 2010, the researchers went into several middle schools and high schools to teach a course about anorexia nervosa. They did this as a way to educate adolescent girls about this eating disorder and identifying who was at risk for anorexia nervosa and what factors contributed to this. The researchers had the participants take two questionnaires that was used to evaluate their attitudes on eating and self-image. (Wick et al., 2010) The results …show more content…
This eating disorder dates back to the mid fifteenth century but there was not a lot of interest in the disorder until the 20th century. (Court, Kaplan, 2016) The exact causation of anorexia nervosa is unknown but it is strongly believed that perfectionism and self-esteem are correlated to anorexia nervosa as well as family and relationship stressors. (Bulik, Berkman, Brownley, Sedway, Lohr, 2007) As for the treatment of anorexia nervosa, cognitive behavioral therapy is a common treatment plan for anorexia nervosa provided with nutritional counseling. (Bulik, Berkman, Brownley, Sedway, Lohr, 2007) This treatment is effective but doctors providing treatment to patients with this eating disorder need to treat the psychological needs first instead of second. There was depressing evidence that prevention programs for anorexia nervosa are effective. Researchers desperately need to develop an effective prevention program that has long-term benefits. Also, religion needs to be incorporated in the treatment for anorexia nervosa for those who are believers in God. (Spangler, 2010) Overall, anorexia nervosa is a dangerous eating disorder and more research needs to be conducted especially in the areas of causation and

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