Essay about Anorexia Nervos Common Males Females

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Alexa Rodezno
Professor Pierre
ENC 1101
29 November 2014 ' 'Is anorexia nervosa more common in females than in males in America? ' '
Anorexia nervosa is a subject of great importance nowadays, since it is a silent illness which is concealed away as a secret, which is why it is very difficult to detect in a person right away. The problem has different causes, which differs from person to person. Which is why almost half of the people with eating disorder have problems that can lead to depression. "In the U.S., women and girls ages 15 to 24 are 12 times more likely to die from anorexia than any other cause of death" (Sager). Anorexia nervosa is more common in females other than males because of diverse issues that are influenced in the American society. "Recent statistic have showed that 0.3% - 1% of females suffer from anorexia nervosa, from the ages of 14 to 19 years old. Meanwhile, just 0.1% of men suffer from this illness" (Sager). Men suffer a lot less from the pressure since the media doesn 't aim them as to having a petite and thin body. For men, the flawless body form would be sculptured and muscular. According to Smith and Segal: Living with anorexia is like constantly hiding life habits, so this makes it hard for family and friends to notice the warning signs. "Anorexia is a serious, and potentially deadly eating disorders" (Smith and Segal). This illness causes a person to have the sense of wanting to govern his or her life and their emotions. "This eating…

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