Anorexia Nervos An Abnormal Eating Behaviour That Has The Highest Mortality Rate

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Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is characterized as an abnormal eating behaviour that has the highest mortality rate, which is up to 12 times higher, due to its life-threatening conditions. Anorexia is one of the main reasons why many women feel awkward in today’s social environment; by affecting their self-esteem teenage girls and young women are often unable to participate in outgoing events as they feel that they no longer “fit” into the society. Anorexia is the main reason for many cognitive disabilities, which creates social awkwardness, such as affects in the neuropsychological domains, one’s emotional health and behaviour. It is important to understand that the state of being of an anorexic is implicated upon them by their mindset.

The neuropsychological domains are all affected by anorexia. Since these domains are affected many teenage girls and young women are afraid of speaking to anyone, as they fear they will be humiliated. By starving the brain tissue, anorexia is able to swallow bits and pieces of general information, therefore leaving your brain confused and unable to act naturally in a social environment. The three main neuropsychological domains affected are memory, visual-spatial and language. Memory refers to the brain’s ability to store and retrieve information; once this domain is affected, victims are unable to remember the simplest pieces of information, and when in a social setting they feel as if they are unable to participate in a discussion as they feel…

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