Anonymity As A Necessary Evil Essay

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Anonymity as a Necessary Evil The Internet is filled with people that cannot be normally identified. They are essentially disembodied voices that speak when not spoken to and provide opinion even when they do not have a valid one to present, Anonymity is a necessary evil as it allows people to freely express opinion without retaliation, allows people to share information, and for the preservation of personal freedom. The United States guarantees a right to the freedom of speech. This means that anyone in the United States can say whatever they want without fear of government retaliation or censorship. Other nations, like China, do not guarantee this right to their citizens. Though China has gone through lengths to deny their citizens of the anonymity of the Internet (Zhixu), other nations may make use of the Internet and anonymity to express their opinions of their government (Palme). As with any society, there will be some subjects that are divisive to the people. If one were to publicly declare their stance on the subject, they may be targeted by groups that disagree with their stance. Thomas Paine, the writer of Common Sense, was credited as the author using the pseudonym “An Englishman.” Common Sense was integral to the revolutionary sentiment of the American Colonies. By writing under the pseudonym, Paine protected himself from retaliation from England (Schnorr). The Watergate Scandal whistleblower, William Mark Felt Sr., originally released his information under the…

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