Essay on Annual Percentage Rate and Real Estate

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Question 10
(15 points) You have just started your first job and you want to have the basic appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, etc.) in your apartment. You face the following choices: (i) Purchase all appliances at the store using a bank loan. There is no down payment as the bank can take your appliances if you default on the loan. The loan is at the annual market rate of 5%, and the loan amount is $6,000 to be repaid monthly over 4 years.(ii) Rent-to-buy from the same store. The monthly rental is $125 for 48 months and then you pay $1,000 to own all the appliances. What is the net cost today of the cheapest option? (Enter just the number without the $ sign or a comma; round off decimals. Since this asks for a cost, you just enter the
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How much will Gerard need in his retirement account at age 65 if his fund is expected to earn an annual return of 9.5%?

Question 3
(5 points) Mohammad has just turned 21 and now has access to the money his parents have been putting away in an account for him since he was 5 years old. His mother has asked him to guess what his account is worth given that they have invested $1,000 every year in the account starting on his 5th birthday and have just made one. The interest rate on the account has been 3.5% annually. How much is Mohammad’s account worth today? (Enter just the number without the $ sign or a comma; round off

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