Essay on Annual Book Festival At The Capitol Building

830 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
On August 22 of this year, I had to opportunity to volunteer at the Mississippi Annual Book Festival at the Capitol Building. This non-profit organization celebrates inspiring Mississippian authors. At the festival, I helped with setup, which allowed me to go to different authors booths and help them get ready. I forgot the names of the authors I helped out, but I clearly remembered the conversation we had over their memoirs or biographies that they had written. Set up was a big problem when coming to volunteering at the festival. The actually tasks were not a challenge. The challenge was actually finding people who needed help. Everybody already had helpers or just did not want my help. There been a couple authors who I asked for help and was declined, but saw other volunteers helping them a few minutes later. Majority of the writers I helped had me to setup one table or see about different souvenirs, but a very few allowed me to help with posters, tables, and organizing their books. The genre of books I handled range from African American studies to autobiographies. At the booth that had books about African American studies, the authors tested me on what I learned from my African American Literature class in high school. We discussed the “real African American literature” and I explained how I add what I learned from the class in a few of my writings in my creative writing class. To the right of that booth, was an author who written a memoir about what she…

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