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Annotated Bibliography

Miller, P & O’Leary, T 1997, ‘Accounting and the Construction of the Governable Person’, Accounting, Organizations and Society, vol.12, n.03, pp235-265.

Main Argument

In this article, Miller et al. concern about the understanding of the historical foundation of accounting practice by investigating how theories of costing and budgeting were constructed in the first thirty years of the 20th century. In addition, the authors suggest several radical factors of theoretical understanding of accounting in relation to the other social and organizational practices.

Methodology – how was this paper written?

The authors examine
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Thirdly, Emsley does not measure the influence of innovation on organisation whereas he only assumes that innovativeness might have the impact on organizational performance.

Tate et all. 2010, ‘An Agency Theory perspective on the purchase of marketing services’ Industrial Marketing Management, vol.39, issue 5, pp806–819.

Main Argument

This article examines the relationship between marketing, supply management (principals) and suppliers (agents) corresponding to the application of agency theory. Additionally, the authors want to develop further knowledge about how a contract could exert influence on the alignment of behaviours and goals between service suppliers and purchasing companies.

Methodology – how was this paper written?

The article uses the data which is collected from the case study and a series of focus group workshops to investigate the nature of contractual agreement to impact on the ways of behaviour of principals and agents. In order to consolidate their arguments, the authors also make five propositions about agent relationships based on their observations and evidence from various countries and work on it under agency theory assumptions.

What are the consequences detailed in this article? Why is this article important?

This article contributes to develop a

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