Essay on Annotated Bibliography : Reconstructing Identity

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Reconstructing Identity
In the context of the Phonathon, identity becomes unstable. While the callers change from a person to the next, their personalities undergo a transformation. The always shifting scenarios at the Phonathon causes callers to reconstruct their personalities, and an adaption process begins in order to suit the personality of the person on the other side of the phone. After observing the instability of personalities, it is important to analyze the extent to which a person has to “fake” a personality in order to suit that of prospective donor. The caller does not necessarily fake a personality, but he creates a new persona with traits suitable for the context of the call. Even though the performance of a different personality may seem harmless, the personality and traits performed while on the phone at work will have an impact on the way the caller interacts in other settings outside the Phonathon. When a caller is on the phone with a person he has never meet, he experiments a transitional period of adaptation in the first minute of the call. The caller will evaluate the attitudes, voice register, and engagement of the alum, and while doing so, he will draw on previous experiences in order to recreate the personality that best suits the the context of the conversation. A reconstruction or adjustment of personality meant to facilitate or ease the interaction between caller and the prospective donor.
Going back to my visit to the Phonathon, I was able to…

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