Essay on Annotated Bibliography On Women And Women

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Annotated Bibliography
Jewell, D.H. (2014) Would Jesus hang out in a strip club? Yes, to heal the abused.,,. Retrieved from
This article focuses on reaching women who have been victims of abuse and as a result, have turned to a life of prostitution .Many of the women had abusive relationship as children. Understanding the diverse emotions that consume these women, outreach partner, such as New Name, distribute gift bags, hand-made cards, earrings, lotion, Christ, kindness, prayers, hugs, and prayers to the women. They try to help the women want to heal themselves and get off the streets. Anne Polencheck runs the New Name ministry. Her goal is to rid Chicago of disreputable strip clubs, bars, and massage parlors. When they have a woman that is ready to change her life they refer her to Refuge for Women, a Kentucky residential program for women leaving sexual exploitation. Once there, the cause of their behavior is explored and the women receive the counseling to help them change their lives.
Allers, C.T., & Benjack, K.J., B1992), Unresolved childhood sexual abuse :are older adults affected. Journal of counseling and development, Vol. 71, pages 14-17, doi:10.1002/j.1556-66676.1992.tb02163.x
This review focuses on case studies of three characteristics of unresolved childhood sexual abuse in adults over the age of 65. The issues may include chronic…

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