Annotated Bibliography On The Recycling Of Carbon Dioxide Essays

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Annotated Bibliography
Li, Yuehui, Kathrin Junge, and Matthias Beller. “Improving the Efficiency Of The
Hydrogenation of Carbonates and Carbon Dioxide to Methanol.” Chemcatchem 5.5 (2013): 1072-1074. Academic Search Complete. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.
This study states that the recycling of carbon dioxide (CO2) cannot completely reduce the large concentrations of CO2 in the thermosphere, but it is indeed a functional process to produce modern chemicals. However, the process to hydrogenate CO2 with good selectivity and long term usage may require energy at high cost. Yuehui and Beller suggest that the intervention of more active and stable catalysts can lower the costs and increase the efficiency of the conversion of CO2 to methanol (CH3OH). Accordingly, they studied the effect of a ruthenium pincer catalyst and concluded it constitutes a progress towards the efficiency of recycling CO2 through a hydrogenation reaction.
Marinoiu, Adriana, et al. “Carbon Dioxide Reusing For Methane Fuel Obtaining Over
Heterogeneous Catalysts as a Possible Source of Energy.” Progress of Cryogenics & Isotopes Separation 17.1 (2014): 23-30. Academic Search Complete. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.
In this study, Marinoiu et al. claim that using CO2 in chemical processes represents an alternative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The hydrogenation of CO2 can substitute natural gas by generating methane fuel as a viable source of energy. Using nickel base catalysts with a temperature range from 300° to 550° C at…

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