Annotated Bibliography On The Origin Of Cryptography Essay

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The Origin of Cryptography

Cryptography is measured to be born along with the art of writing. As cultures evolved, human beings remained prearranged in societies, clusters, and empires. Those above led to the development of philosophies such as rule, battles, supremacy, and governments. These concepts supplementary drove the expected need for people to communicate secretly with particular recipient which in turn ensured the continuous evolution of cryptography. The roots of cryptography were founded in Egyptian and Roman civilizations. (Advameg, Inc., 2016).
Hieroglyphics − The Eldest Cryptographic Techniques The earliest documented indication of cryptography was outlined back to the usage of Hieroglyphics, some 4,000 years ago. As the Egyptians evolved, their hieroglyphs or “secret writing” and this code was the secret known only to the scribes who used this method to communicate messages for their rulers. (Damico, T. M., 2009).
Progressively, the scholars moved on to using simple mono-alphabetic Ciphers during 500 to 600 BC. This mysterious replacing of the letters in a message with other alphabets with some secret rule. This rule became a key to recovering the message back from the garbled message. The previous Roman method of cryptography, popularly known as the Caesar Shift Cipher relies on shifting the letters of an “A“ by an agreed upon digit (three was a common choice), the recipient of this message would then replace the…

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