Annotated Bibliography On The Good Guys : School Zones And The Second Amendment

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Annotated Bibliography
Arnold, Grant. "Arming The Good Guys: School Zones And The Second Amendment." Brigham Young University Education & Law Journal 2 (2015): 481-506. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.
Arnold explains the need for firearms to be allowed in schools. He begins the article by talking about the history of the second amendment and the different trials it has gone through to be proven to the people. Then, he talks about the mass school shootings that have taken place in gun-free school zones. He finishes by stating that the only way to lower the number of mass shootings in schools is to make the schools less vulnerable and the way to do that is by deterring the “cowards” who commit the crimes by arming the schools.
The information in this article would be beneficial to gun control, gun rights activists, and the public. The informational format of the article is easy to follow and provides the reader with greater knowledge of the second amendment and how it has been tested through many trials that are as diverse as wanting to own a gun to self-defense. Talking about the mass school shootings that have taken place in the decade allows the reader background into why the author feels it is important to implement guns into the school system and allows the reader to create their own opinions about the matter.
This article could be easily implemented into an analytical paper that is trying to understand the Gun Rights and Gun Control movements to reach a…

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