Essay about Annotated Bibliography On Special Rules For Minors

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Special Rules for Minors in Mexico

Children have been protected by law since the 1917 Federal Constitution; article 123 of the Federal Constitution prohibited unhealthy or dangerous activities for children under 16. It also prohibited children working at night and after 10 pm and set a maximum daily work of 6 hours for children over 12 and under 16, implying that the minimum age for admission to employment was 12 (De Buen, 2004).

Years later there was a constitutional amendment in order to include all new international instruments related to labour. Hence, in 1962 a new legal age to work was added, setting the age limit at 14 years old. This amendment later became the Federal Labour Law (FLL) in 1970 which included a special chapter addressing the work of minors (De Buen, 2004).

The 1970 Federal Labour Law

The 1970 FLL established that children between 14 and 16 needed their parents’ permission to work and were subject to surveillance and protection by work inspectors (articles 22 and 173 of the FLL). As a result, all children over 16 were considered adults under the previous FLL (article 23) with some exceptions regarding the place where children under 16 could work or the activities they should carry.

Article 175 prohibited minors under 16 to work:
a) At stores where alcoholic beverages are sold for their immediate consumption
b) At establishments that may affect their morals or good customs; and
c) As street vendors (unless special authorization from work…

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