Essay on Annotated Bibliography On Open Source Software

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Open source software today has been known to be growing in popularity. Software such as Firefox, Linux, GIMP, and the GNU Project has been success stories of open source. Websites such as have been pushing the Open Source initiative. Open source in short is defined as software that has Free Redistribution, Access to its source code (The code that makes up the software), and allows access to everyone. Under these guidelines, it allows everyone to contribute to the software adding their own features & customization, fixing bugs, etc. With open source having all its advantages, open source is a better way to distribute software rather than using a closed source method of holding the source code. The actual definition of the Open Source License, OSL for short, is quite long with a lot of gobbledygook. It contains the following restrictions: Open Source software must be freely redistributed, access to the software’s source code, allow derived works, if specified by the author, integrity of the author’s source code, no discrimination against persons, groups, or fields of endeavor, distribution of the license, the software cannot be product specific, the software cannot restrict other software, and it must be technology-neutral. This may seem complicated but in essence it’s just made up of a lot of simple concepts.
First in the OSL is “Free Redistribution”. Free redistribution means two things, the software being free and being redistribution. What this licenses sees…

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