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Annotated Bibliography
"Always #LikeAGirl - Confidence Summit Announcing Partnership with TED." YouTube. YouTube, 7 July 2015. Web. 28 Feb. 2016. I want to use this video because it gives the reasoning behind why Always chose to start the “Like a Girl” Campaign. They said they want to “inspire, empower, and educate girls”. They want to change the saying “like a girl” to a positive meaning. They also talk about how 19% of women perceived “like a girl” as a positive meaning, whereas 6 months after their first video 76% of women thought of “like a girl” in a positive way.
They talk about how they want more than just awareness to the subject, they want a solution. Always is partnering up with psychologist so they can understand what they can do to stop the dropping of confidence during the puberty ages. They then introduce Lauren Greenefield, the director of the Like a Girl video. She talks about a new video that is about to drop, it talks about how they want women to be “truly unstoppable”.

"Always #LikeAGirl
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"In a Sea of Go-Girl Advertising, P&G 's 'Like a Girl ' Hits Hardest." Advertising Age Ad Review RSS. N.p., 7 July 2014. Web. 28 Feb. 2016. This article talks about a lot more than just Always #LikeAGirl campaign. It doesn’t compare the different campaigns parse but talks about how it really represents girls as so fragile and that if we really were like that we wouldn’t make it out the door. This author talks about how Always #LikeAGirl campaign is her favorite, they said “it doesn 't simply state its case, it makes it.” He likes the fact that “like a girl” is clearly an insult, unlike other companies’ words or phrases. He also thinks that its awesome that the video has two groups, pre-adolescent girls, and the rest of the population. The author called this video an “eye-opener”, he said that this video has made him reconsider his word choices. He ends this article saying that this video was just part of a sales pitch, but it’s doing its

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