Essay about Annotated Bibliography On Human Integrity

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Byron Frank 8/29/16
Academic Integrity Essay BIO 11

Integrity is a character trait highly valued in nearly every career, job, and personal relationship. However, part of the reason it is valued so highly is because of how difficult a virtue it is to maintain. In few places is integrity more highly valued than in the scientific community. With no integrity, the various fields of science would most likely deteriorate into a culture of corruption, causing skewed experimental results, setback in progress, failure to spread knowledge, and a lapse of the public trust in scientists. The young scientist starting out in his pursuit of higher knowledge almost immediately discovers the difficulty of academic integrity.That difficulty is, simply put, that it is hard work, though the reality of this issue is much more complex. The young scientist finds out almost immediately that cheating on papers and tests can lead to higher grades obtained with less effort. The old scientist may find that cutting corners during experiments or falsifying results to gain a desired conclusion can result in career advancement and monetary gain. People are naturally seekers of the easiest path. All other factors being equal, most people will choose the path of least resistance. People seek out the easiest way to do things, and following the rigorous standards of academic integrity is far from easy. It is far more work to study hard, cite properly, and work…

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