Essay on Annotated Bibliography On Foundation Of Global Leadership

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Annotated Bibliography on Foundation of Global Leadership
Business organizations leaders are constantly faced with a need to decisions that will impact their organization positively. They are faced with responsibilities of making decisions that promote growth as well as remain ethical and meet all social needs. It is very important for business leaders to stay innovative and remain on an alert to understand different aspect of their organization that could need improvement in this new global age. The following are annotated bibliographies with research works about philosophical approaches that are relevant in today business environment.
Annotated Bibliography
Andriole, S. J. (2007). The 7 habits of highly effective technology leaders. Communications of the ACM, 50(3), 67--72. Retrieved from the Business Source Complete database
This article focuses on the expectation of technology leaders. The author discusses the expectations and challenges of the role of a technology leader as well as the attributes that makes such leaders effective. Such attributes include aligning business information technology initiative with the organization strategic and operational technology. While acknowledging the works of Chaffey (2015) on digital business strategy, the author relates to it in the article with the importance of communication. It encourages and helps build a value of internal and external technology marketing. This article was chosen because of its practical example and…

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