Annotated Bibliography On Education Literacy Essay

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Foundational Literacy Skills
Literacy is the gateway to success. These days, getting started in the early years of a child 's life is critical. Learning to read has been continually observed to begin before a child even enters school. As children become more exposed to literature at a young age, the more prepared they have shown to be once finally in a classroom setting. Chances are, sending your child to preschool will give them a better chance at success when they find themselves in primary schooling. (SpringRefrence) describes literacy as, “listening, speaking, reading and writing.” "Literacy is evolving, beginning at birth, through interactions with others, and the environment in which a child lives" (Springer Reference). It is believed that if you talk, read or sing to a baby while they are still in the womb, such actions will promote early intellectual development in a child. Literacy development starts at home, with the parents creating a literacy rich environment whenever possible. When speaking to a baby, it is actually preferred that you avoid baby talk if at all possible. Children 's speech development begins before they 're even three years old. As such, parents should make sure there is an abundance of the reading material available for their child. Promoting actions such as reading and writing at an early age will assist in making children confident in their literary functionality.
All grade levels from preschool to high school and everything in between are…

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