Annotated Bibliography On Dealing With Teen Depression Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Dealing with teen depression. (2010, September 18). GT magazine [Victoria, Australia], 14. Retrieved March 10, 2016 from

This article begins with a case study regarding a 16-year-old girl who is suffering from depression. The article continues by explaining the different causes of depression, the symptoms of depression, and the methods to relieve/resolve depression amongst youth. This source is effective in providing a variety of general facts and statistics of depression; such as such depression remains the most common mental illness in adolescents with 1 in 10 teens experiencing symptoms of depression. Unlike other sources, this article strongly suggests that depression is not the same for every single person and teens who are highly self critical, have low self esteem, and feel little control over life are more at risk of becoming depressed. This article draws the conclusion that a person’s teenage years are fairly turbulent as various aspects of life are changing immensely. As a result, depressive and normal behaviours should be diagnosed carefully in order to help a teen enjoy their life to it’s fullest extent. This source is relevant to my field of study as it provides a specific focus on the impacts of depression on teenagers. The source provides several examples of how the early signs of depression can be easily…

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