Essay Annotated Bibliography Of Sherman Alexie ' A Good Story '

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Annotated Bibliography
Alexie, Sherman. “A Good Story.” The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. Eds. Rise B. Alexrod, Charles R.
Cooper. Ninth Edition. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010. 557-560. Print. Alexie Sherman is a well-educated Native American Indian, who had published several poems and novels, as well as screen plays. Sherman’s short stories such as “A Good Story informs readers “if you want to hear a good story, you have to listen” (Sherman558). The main point in his stories is to listen to his words carefully and we will understand other stories better than before. As I read his short story, called “The Story” we can see how Alexie grabs his reader’s attention. Upon reading these short stories written by Sherman Alexie, I learned how important it is when telling a good story to paint as vivid of a picture with words as I can. These words will paint a book or short story or any reading material at that, which will entertain a reader and hold him/her in the story line. I learned that grabbing a reader’s attention is the author‘s objective. While reading these different stories and articles there is not a large difference in my annotation in my other articles. This is because every writer uses his/her own words and way to paint a picture. Some use statistics to give definition in being informative, while other writers use powerful words to explain a good story, as I have read in these two short stories written by Sherman Alexie. According to…

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