Annotated Bibliography : Gun Control Laws And Background Checks

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The system we rely on is failing us and not keeping guns out of the hands of high risk individuals. The five articles that I chose to use for my annotated bibliography were not to specific about certain gun laws. Some of the articles are helpful while others do not help my cause. Ethan McLeod’s article was the best one to help my thesis. He proves many of times that either the guns are stolen or the criminals go through the back ground checks to get through. Gun control laws and background checks are not an efficient deterrent to crime.
The article “Will Recent Shootings Influence Gun Legislation”, by the Ethan McLeod writes about shootings in four cities. Chattanooga Tenn. Charleston, S.C., Chapel Hill, N.C. and Lafayette, L.A. were where the shootings took place. These shootings all had multiple people killed in cold blood. McLeod points out that Dylan Roof, one of the shooters bought a 45 caliber handgun while a case of a drug charge was being investigated. Roof passed the the background check and walked away with a gun legally. Even though Roof wasn’t convicted on the gun charge he still shouldn’t have a chance to get a gun. McLeod proves that background checks do not work with Dylan Roof. In the shooting that happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee the shooter, Mohammad Abdulazeez. Abdulazeez had history with drug problems McLeod states. Abdulazeez’s family sent him away to Jordan with other family members to get away from his junkie friends. It is unclear that we may nor…

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