Essay about Annotated Bibliography Employee Engagement

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2. Annotated Bibliography 2
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4. Recommendations for practice 12
5. Conclusion 12
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1. Introduction

Employee engagement (EE) is an essential part of organizational life and of paramount interest to human resource management (HRM) professionals in the banking industry due to its influence on the organizational outcomes.
This paper therefore examines the topic with the aim of defining EE and identifying the use of, value and benefits of EE to be obtained from industry surveys. This paper begins with the annotated bibliographies of 12 journal articles, followed by an analysis of the relationship between these key findings. The researcher
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Shuck, B., Reio, T. G. Jr. & S. Rocco, T. S. (2011). Employee engagement: an examination of antecedent and outcome variables. Human Resource Development International, 14(4), 427-445.
In this B-rated journal article Shuck, Reio and Rocco examine the relation between antecedents of EE and organizational outcomes. The authors use data gained through an Internet-based survey involving a heterogeneous sampling of 283 workers of organizations from service, technology, healthcare, retail, banking, non-profit, and hospitality fields in order to identify the essential conditions suggested to be antecedents of EE as well as performance-related outcomes aiming to provide Human Resource Development (HRD) scholars and practitioners with strategic leverage points to enhance EE. Their research focuses on the relation between the antecedent variables of job fit, affective commitment, and psychological climate with EE and the outcome variables discretionary effort and intention to turnover. The article is useful for my research topic as Shuck, Reio and Rocco demonstrate why companies should be concerned about and what they can gain through EE. The main limitation of this article is that the data was generalized and could have been further analysed in order to explain the varying antecedents of EE and outcomes

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