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Elaicha Garcia
Dr. Sepulveda
Annotated Bibliography
18th September 2014
Understanding the causes of Road Rage
Yakovlev, Pavel, and Arzu Sen. "What Drives Road Rage?" Atlantic Economic Journal
36.3 (2008): 361-362. Business Source Complete. Web. 4 Sept. 2014.
The author of this academic journal explains a survey that was conducted for the second year in a row about the topic on road rage. It discusses various demographic, geographic and economic of people that were taken from the U.S Census Bureau of 25 largest metro areas. Only a few significant variables such as percentage of Hispanics, percentage of high school graduates, foreigners, homeowners, average travel time to work, and population density all were considered valuable
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College psychologist Ray fuller goes into detail about deindividuation. Also known as the variable that prevents us to relating each other when we drive. This article and its entirety merely want’s to inform the mass public on what might aggravate others to drive aggressively but merely is mistaken because we can’t relate or understand the situation amongst those who either drive slowly or the speed limit. Others that “People are more likely to show their anger if they believe that doing so will help relieve their frustration” (38).
''Don't Be a Victim of road Rage or Aggressive Driving". Alertid.National Crime
Prevention Council. Web. 7 Sept. 14.
In this article, it gives a great source of detail of the definition of road rage, and different methods on how identify, inform the dangers and things drivers can do to prevent injury or death to your self or others. Some signals that identify road rage are, flashing lights constantly, tailgating and hitting other vehicles, rude gestures, like name calling and giving the bird, the article provides 11 practices to help prevent road rage and improve

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