Annotated Bibliography-Deforestation Essay

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World Wildlife Fund. Retrieved from

The World Wildlife Fund is a nature conservation organization that began in 1961. Their mission is “to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature”. Their website provides a host of information ranging from habitats to endangered species and the threats that occur. Under the about us section, there are 40 of their employed experts listed. Each individual has a link that provides information about them including their education and experience. The World Wildlife Fund website will be beneficial to this research because it supplies so much information to give a base knowledge of different habitats and the animals within it and also how both are endangered.
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The article will be valuable to this research because it gives a specific example of how an animal can have such a large impact on a habitat and the animals within the habitat. When a habitat is destroyed, the keystone species could become extinct, which can cause the problems discussed in this article.
Ryall, K.L. and Fahrig, L. (2005). Habitat loss decreases predator-prey ratios in a pine-bark beetle system. Oikos, 110(2): 265-270. Retrieved from
“Habitat loss decreases predator-prey ratios in a pine-bark beetle system” is a scientific article written about research conducted by Ryall and Fahrig. In the article, the authors include an introduction, methods, conclusions, and a discussion. In the introduction, they quote other authors about deforestation and how it truly impacts species. They then told us their two predictions for the outcome of the research. In the conclusion they tell the reader that both of their predictions were supported. The two authors of the article are credible because they have degrees in the ecology field. They also list other sources that have high credibility because they have degrees as well and have a career in these types of studies. This article will be helpful in the research because it’s a detailed example of how habitat loss decreases

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