Essay about Annotated Bibliography : Defining Terrorism

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Saul, B. (2006). Defining terrorism in international law. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Saul explores the problem of defining terrorism in international law. Since the 1920’s, there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts by the international community to define and criminalize terrorism. To address this problem, Saul begins by analyzing the rationales for defining and criminalizing terrorism based on four major categories: human rights law, threat to democracy, international security, and political violence. After reviewing these issues, he examines potential justifications for terrorist violence and looks at past efforts to define terrorism. Saul illustrates through a comprehensive review of international treaties that the international community has never been able to reach a consensus on a definition of terrorism. As a consequence, the international anti-terrorism treaty is restricted by the currently held general definition. Throughout the book, Saul stresses the need for legally defining terrorism in order to confine the term and prevent its abuse. He argues that without a strict definition, states may misuse the discretion and legitimacy conferred by the international community, in order to further their own interests. In his conclusion, Saul expresses his own opinion and provides the reader with extensive references to literature, and furthers the readers understanding of the definition of terrorism under international law. Essentially, this book provides a…

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