Annotated Bibliography : Annotated Timeline Essay

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Annotated Timeline

1. The historical events presented in the Annotated Timeline are important for a number of reasons. The opening of the first Normal School was important because it was a huge step for teachers seeking a higher education so that they could provide the best learning environments for their students. The Compulsory Attendance Act of 1852 was important because it helped form a favorable public opinion of education and reiterated the importance of children attending school. The Brown V. the Board of Education decision was important because it made the separation of schools due to race unconstitutional. It allowed for nonwhite students to receive the same level of education as their white peers. It was also a large part of supporting the Civil Rights Movement. The Sputnik satellite by the USSR began to kick start reforms in engineering and education in the United States. It also encouraged the United States to regain technological ground it seemed to have lost to the Soviets. The Public Law 101-476 was important because it aimed to recognize the child first and the disability second in students with learning disabilities. It also included brain injury and autism as categories for disabilities. The opening of the first U.S. Charter school was significant because it was a large step in opening education up to children who preferred different learning environments than just the public or private school setting. The Higher Education Act of 1998 was…

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