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Lai, Ivan K.W. and Lam, Frankie K.S. (2010). Perception of various performance criteria by stakeholders in the construction section in Hong Kong. Construction management and economics, Vol.28, pp. 377-391.

Article of the Lai and Lam analyzed the construction projects in Hong Kong through collecting data from 324 practitioners who in the past participated in such projects. A research model is developed upon nine performance criteria and their respective performances. The relative importance of nine performance criteria and their performances are measured. Timely completion of the project is the key in performance criterion, preceding by profit, environmental protection and quality, job satisfaction, and effectiveness. Lai and Lam
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The research have shown that there is no difference in the approach of performance due to various types of projects used. The main reason for conducted research is to encourage future analysis of the performance in the construction industry in Hong Kong.

Kozub, M. Robert, DBA, CPA (2010). An ANOVA Analysis Of The Relationships Between Business Students' Learning Style and Effectiveness Of Web Based Instruction. American Journal of Business Education Vol. 3, Num. 3, pp. 89-98.

The article of Kozub describes the theoretical base for concern students learning styles for Web Based Instruction (WBI). Kozub conducted research of the WBI affect on learning style of student performance. The study on evaluating learning style of students through Kolb's Learning Styles Inventory (LSI-IIa). This style measured randomly assigned one of two web based instruction modules that varied only in the number of enhancements and user interaction options. The two modules had the same content as did in-class lecture. The only differentiation of the two modules was in the enhancement and user interaction options. The modules were measured through on-line surveys on material presented to the students and students satisfaction with the modules. The main focus of the survey was to determine have different students' learning styles affected students' final grade in the course. Students' that participated in this study were undergraduate

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