Annotated Bibiliography on Eating Disorders Essays

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Zabinski, F. M., Wilfley, E. D., Calfas, J. K., Winzelberg, A. J., & Taylor, B. C. (2004). An interactive psychoeducational intervention for women at risk of developing an eating disorder. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 72, (5), 914-919. Retrieved February 4, 2005, from PsycINFO database.

The study explored the use of online involvement by using chat rooms, and message boards to deter eating disorders, and image dissatisfaction. Sixty women from a west cost university, who were all susceptible were chosen to participate in the study. They were randomly split into two groups, thirty in wait-list control, and thirty in intervention. The treatments occurred in three phases: improving eating behaviour, cognitive
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Rodgers, W. M., Hall, C. R., Blanchard, C. M., & Munroe, K. J. (2001). Prediction of obligatory exercise by exercise-related imagery. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 15, (2), 152-154. Retrieved February 8, 2005, from PsycARTICLES database.

This study took two hundred and forty three active adults (ninety seven females and one hundred and forty four males) averaging the age of thirty, and examined if their obligatory exercise similar to eating disorders was predicated by image control. Participants completed two questionnaires before or shortly after their workouts, the Exercise Imagery Questionnaire (EIQ), and the Obligatory Exercise Questionnaire (OEQ). The tests were taken at the beginning and at the end of a ten week period. The EIQ measured was a nine item measure where participants rate on how they view their body. It comprises of three subscales, appearance, energy, and technique. The EIQ was a twenty item measurement on which the participants rated their exercise behaviour. Overall the findings suggested that the motivation of addictive exercise was not necessarily appearance based. However, future research needs to include more subscales of objective behaviour. Research also needs to expand on different individuals,

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