Annie Sullivan Philosophy Essay

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A teacher’s role in the class room and values reflected modeling Anne Sullivan


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Anne Sullivan became a teacher after facing learning difficulties, she was sent to the Perkins School for the blind, after finding out as a child she was forming blindness at the age of four. Anne was top of her class and was taught by the best teachers at that school. With their strict and disciplined way of teaching in the classroom she wanted to take that style and use it to help others. One of her students was a child born deaf and blind; Helen Keller’s family had a struggle finding answers, until they stumbled upon The Perkins School seeking help for Helen. Sullivan
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Ann was very head strong about that and very much so stood by that statement as too was Jon Dewey he to believe every child has the right to learn. Anne along with Dewey’s strategy was that children don’t always understand just by being told what to do, but instead for them to be shown, so that physically actions are being presented. After working with the Keller family, Annie saw in time Helen understood and was learning through repetitive actions, she requested for family to have Helen attend The Perkins School. By keeping Helen at home, where if something didn’t go her way she would run away from Anne to find her mother who would give her anything she wanted. Helens family enabled her unlike Sullivan who was very strict with her and was quick to show her that her behavior was not okay. The movie we watch in class, The Miracle Worker showed exactly how frustrating it was to teach Helen anything while she was in her home setting, where people gave her everything she wanted when things weren’t going her way. Anne was not just there to teach Helen but in a way she was there to teach the family to stop corrupting her, she made the Keller’s look at Helen not as their blind/deaf child but as a normal misbehaved one that needed discipline and structure. “Annie isolated herself with her hardly human charge, first disciplined her into docility, then won

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