Annie Wilkes Character Analysis

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Basic Details of Movie Character Her name is Annie Wilkes. She is of the age of her late 30s. She is born and raised in Bakersfield, environmentally on a farm. When she was a child, she had a wealthy family with parents who are Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes. Her father was a banker. After her father’s death, she was brought up in a church. Extremely well educated young lady and she went to the University of California at Los Angeles School of Nursing. I picked these up from the movie at 1:13:13 time. Once she grew into adulthood, she isolatedly lived alone in a house in Silver Creek with a farm. Along with a pet pig named after her favorite character, Misery from her book of interest, ‘Misery’. I assumed she has an average income, unemployed and with a high religious belief. Her occupation was a …show more content…
Where she does not want a single soul to know he is alive. Another goal, once she held him in her home after she read Sheldon’s newly written Misery series, she became furious and forced him to burn it due to profanities and her devastated feelings for her favorite character as she passed away in Sheldon’s latest book. He was forced rewrite a new book where there no swears and cusses and revive her character back to life. Whereas her long-term goal, she kept a record of her victims which she murdered and decorated pictures and news of them in her ‘Memory Lane’ book. A trophy display of her own honor. Also to stalk Paul Sheldon till a great opportunity to meet him. Wilkes sees herself as a pious, righteous woman who is deeply devoted to God and believes god returns her prayers and answers to her questions. Besides that, she sees herself dominant, caring, helpful yet a heroine for saving Paul Sheldon’s

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