Essay about Annie Dillard 's The Writing Life

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The Writing Life Annie Dillard’s, The Writing Life, gives the aspiring writer bits and pieces of her own experience to help fuel the creative process an eager learner needs to get their own desires from literature onto paper. With frankness, Dillard gives advice on how one should begin to write, revealing an insight into the reality of the beautiful yet difficult process of the written word. One piece of advice is simply just to write down anything and everything. Without putting yourself out there on that sheet of paper, your writing will go nowhere. It is also important to be able to let your knowledge lead you to your writing; it should come and take over you to fully understand how to write. Finally, to improve your writing, start at the level of each individual sentence. Focus on the details and the overall picture gets better. For a writer looking for a guide to help expand their abilities, Dillard is there to take you through it. To begin writing, Dillard advises to get everything you have down on paper. Wherever it is that you write on, fill in the empty space with your words. One main fear that most readers have is that they are too afraid that their work is not good enough or that they just can’t seem to get what is inside their head into writing. Dillard says that it is normal to feel that way and that despite what you feel, you will stay in the slump if you don’t write. It can be the worst idea ever but it cannot improve if there is nothing done about it. The…

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