Essay on Annie Dillard : A Good Friend

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When people talk about friendships they may only see it one way. Annie Dillard explained to us [the reader] that” [we] should open up [our] eyes and see the world from a different view” (Annie Dillard). In friendships people may only see certain things for example; all the misunderstandings and disappointments or even let-downs. Some people may have lived a certain way for so long that all they had in life were disappointments where nothing worked out with anyone and they never could get anything right in a relationship. It doesn’t always have to be a personal thing, in a friendship, the roles have to go both ways to make something turn out right and feel good.
If humans took a step backwards and look at friendship at a different level, they may see that friendships can bring comfort, support and excitement to everyone’s lives. When life supports a person with a really good friend that is meant to be kept, this friend can make each other stronger but even life more interesting because of all the inside comments that can be told. If someone lives a certain way for so long and on a not so good level, or they may not know what a friend really is, they honestly miss out what someone with support can do to one’s self-being.
Having a big group of friend’s, people may think that everything will be peachy and nothing will be boring. With a lot of friends everyone will know what is going on and there won’t be confusion. Having the knowledge that something is always taking place…

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