Essay on Annie, By Jamaica Kincaid

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Annie John, by Jamaica Kincaid, is the coming of age story of a witty girl named Annie. When she was younger, her mom would coddle her, bathe with her, and comfort her, however as Annie grew older, she felt as though her mom was suddenly forcing her eyes open to all of the realities of the world. As Annie and her mom grow apart, their relationship becomes even more sour, making Annie feel as though she must rebel against her mom’s controlling rules and judgmental finger to receive some attention. One of the symbols of her rebellion, is a lighthouse that stands on top of a hill behind her house. All of the mothers in her neighborhood forbid their children to go to this lighthouse, however for several weeks, Annie climbs to the top of the lighthouse and watches the island below her. The lighthouse is symbolic for several ideas, such as Annie’s disobedience and her relationship with her mother. Additionally, the panoramic view of different activities and objects below, symbolically represent Annie’s life, as well as her bond and attitude towards her father, mother, and school friends.

The lighthouse is a symbol of Annie John’s rebellion, due to her anger towards the sudden feeling of neglect from her mother. By definition, lighthouses are structures containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea. The lighthouse in this story was previously functional, however now it no longer works. This symbolically represents Annie’s relationship with her mom. When she was…

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