Essay on Annie Analysis Of Annie John 's ' Annie '

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The title “Annie John” is just the main character’s name. The whole story is told through her and her different stages of life. Throughout the entire book, she doesn’t say her name until later on in the book because even she herself doesn’t know who she is, she’s just a shadow trying to find her inner self. The narrator is Annie John. Annie John is also the main character and the protagonist, Annie’s mother Mrs. John is the antagonist. They interrelate because when Annie is the only child, her mother is affectionate with her but as Annie gets older and her mom has other children, Mrs. John becomes distant from Annie and basically wants her to grow up and watch over herself. Annie sees this as a threat, so her mother is now like an enemy to her which is why she is the antagonist. Once the other kids come, her mother no longer has time for her and Annie has to fend for herself. Mrs. John doesn’t think she’s harming Annie in any way, she just wants Annie to become independent and find herself. The Red girl is also an important character in the story; she is the complete opposite of Annie and Annie wants and tries to be her. Annie is a goody two shoes and she is the devil child. The red girl has no name in the story but she is the one who helps Annie find herself and separate herself from her mother. One of the themes of this book is relationships; the one between Annie and her mother. In the beginning their relationship wasn’t always rocky, they…

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