Annelida Monologue

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A few miles south of the outer rim of the Great Fall Forest, stands a gravel trail, lined with massive oak trees and dotted with boulders that wind through a long stretch of lush green grass, and ends at an isolated and forgotten village named Masonburge.
Once a thriving, farming village, is now a place of destitute: due to years of warfare and daily raids, that has left its rich wheat fields, barren. Its previously reigning King, Aargau of the Royal Household of the Siganids, controlled several trade lines, supplying Annelida its grain.
Before ending their alliance, King David Callaghan and King Phillip Wylie beheaded King Aargau-during the Celestial Festival.
The two Kings then divided his vast territories with King Phillip renaming the portion he received-Rosemore, while King David laid
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As the wind twirls about, shaking the tree’s branches profusely, creating a rustling sound that encircles her.
Joan readies herself-calling forth her power. A reddish-orange glow illuminates from her hands, when something suddenly leaps into her line of sight. “Oh no,” she mutters with her eyes changing back to green, springing forth from behind her hiding place with the trees mysteriously becoming still. She falls to her knees, scooping what appears to be a dead rabbit into her hands with black soot on parts of its white fur, as another pops his head out from behind a bush. The concern, washes from her face, when the rabbit begins to stir and hop from her hands to its friend. She then picks up her basket and pulls out a loaf of freshly baked bread with its heavenly aroma-fragrances the air. She breaks a piece from its end, offering it to the two white rabbits that are now feasting on a blackberry bush. “For such a small creature, you gave me such a fright,” she cracks, watching as both rabbits sniff at her offering.
Although they both were curious, only one decided to partake in her generosity, while the other disregarded

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