Anne 's New Ways Of Acting More Like An Adult Essay

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During this section, Anne again describes how she feels like she is being treated like a child. She tries to find new ways to cope with matters, and she decides that it is best she stops writing for a bit. Although Anne finds it rather offensive when the people of the annex talk about what they would like to do when the war is over, she records what each person would like personally after escaping their temporary home. One of Anne’s new ways of acting more like an adult is keeping her opinions to herself at the dinner table. She describes how the familiar sounds of the clock have stopped ringing and explains how it has been taken down. She is upset by this because now it is nearly impossible to know what time of day it is. Later, The van Daans begin to argue about selling their old clothes for some money to use after the war is over. After several arguments regarding money, Anne explains that she feels like a mother to herself and feels quite distant from her father. She also describes how the dentist has not thanked any of them for housing him in the annex since he arrived over a year ago, which makes her lose the respect she had for him. Next, Anne celebrates Christmas this year by giving each of the members of the annex a single poem. Anne described how she feels robbed of a childhood of expression and envies those outside the office building. She explains how her past entries are negatively written because of her mental state. She feels that the reason her mother and her…

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