Anne Swarts University Of Wisconsin Madison Essay

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Approximately thirty years ago, Anne Swarts graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in music studies. She went on to say that, “having a degree that has little to nothing to do with journalism or mass communications was and still is fairly common.” She broke into the industry by becoming a secretary at an advertising agency where she quickly fell in love with what she described as a “high energy and somewhat chaotic environment.” After a few years of working her secretary job, Anne heard about a few job openings that dealt directly with clients. From there, she kept getting promotions and eventually became the Senior Broadcasting Producer at Preston Kelly. She started off working strictly with television and radio commercials, then slowly worked her way into internet content. Her title involves everything from creating budgets for commercials to scheduling the cast, directors, and timing. Her personal favorite part of her job is negotiating with artists about using their content in the commercial as well. She went on to explain her most difficult negotiation being with the Black Eyed Peas and using their song, Let’s Get it Started in a commercial for the YMCA. After a long and painful negotiation she finally won them over. After speaking to Anne about her background and what her job entails, I kept with a few basic questions, one being what skills does this job and industry as a whole require? To no surprise she quickly threw out, “communication,…

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