Anne Sexton And Maxine Kumin Essay

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Anne Sexton and Maxine Kumin grew to be friends during a poetry workshop in Boston. Their confessional style poetry guided them into writing three children’s novels together and assisting each other in their writing, which strengthened their friendship further. Anne Sexton and Maxine Kumin scatter similes and metaphors to bring the reader into a feeling of nostalgia through the themes of a favorite childhood fairy tale and friendship. Both poets accomplish this through a sarcastic tone, and but Sexton’s sarcasm is filtered to appear joyful while Kumin’s sarcasm is meant to emphasize an established friendship.
In Sexton’s “Cinderella”, the placement of similes and metaphors pulls the reader into a feeling of nostalgia from their childhood and former friendships. In “Cinderella”, there is an unfortunate twist. The “Happily Ever After” that adults and children alike find solace in, never comes. The uncertainty at the end of the poem leaves the reader feeling unsure and nervous for the future of Cinderella. Throughout Sexton’s poem, she is drawing attention to her belief that a fairy-tale ending is not the dream it is made out to be, it is never known what comes after the happily ever after. In the poem, Sexton juxtaposes the hearts of two step-daughters to blackjacks, “The man took another wife who had/ two daughters, pretty enough/ but with hearts like blackjacks.” (Sexton 29-31). In regard to this poem, blackjacks do not carry any meaning, aside from giving the step-sisters…

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