Hutchinson Vs John Winthrop Essay

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Puritan conceptions of God and human sin influenced the political ideals of the first settlers. The principles by which the Puritans guided every aspect of their lives were founded in scripture. Puritans, who fled religious persecution in England, hoped to establish a new Israel. Their hope in Christ and the salvation of their souls made them zealous about holiness. As bible literalist, Puritans sought to purge themselves from sin. It was God’s free grace and the hope of eternal salvation which prompted them to live a life of sanctity. Thus, Puritan political principles were deeply entrenched in a covenant relationship between God and men. This essay will draw a comparative analysis between John Winthrop and Anne Hutchinson’s principle of the covenant. It will be revealed that Winthrop and Hutchinson’s opposite views of scripture led to political tensions. As a result of their dispute, the system of patriarchy was reinforced in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
The Political ideas established by Puritans were developed around the principle of a covenant of
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In his Speech to the General Court he states that “liberty is maintained” in “subjection to authority,” by entering into a covenant with God. Winthrop spoke about natural liberty as the freedom men enjoy in the state of nature. According to Winthrop’s, natural liberty is possessed by both men and all creatures. The difference between men and creatures, however, is that men have the ability to distinguish moral liberty. Therefore, it results in the covenant between men and God. Accordingly, the personal covenant between men and God has an effect on the social and political aspects of their lives. For Winthrop the centerpiece of this covenant of authority with God was love. He preached love as the emphasis of the mutual bond which sustains the body politic, as a result of political subjugation to

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