Anne Frank's Influence On World War II

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Anne Frank, wrote a diary that has affected the world by showing how she was just a normal girl who wanted to be her true self. Her diary was the only place she could really be herself (Frank 1). Anne’s one dream for her diary was that it would become a book. She strived for that and wrote that she wanted to be famous and help others. Anne Frank’s influence on World War Two was based on her life, her experiences in hiding, and her diary.
Anne Frank’s life was full of hard times and persecution. Anne Frank was born on July 12, 1929. She received her famous diary on her thirteenth birthday, on which she wrote her very first diary entry (Frank 1). It was wartime 1942 in Amsterdam and Hitler was at his height (Byers 36). He had given Germany the
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He was gravely ill and emaciated from strenuous labor and little to no food. During his return to the battle-scarred Amsterdam, Otto Frank learned that his wife, Edith, had been murdered back in Auschwitz. His only hope now was that his daughters were still alive (Lewis 10). Soon after returning to Amsterdam Otto was approached by one of the people who had aided them in hiding. Miep Gies, the one who had helped the Franks, had gone through the annex after the officers had left and collected all of the personal items they had ;left behind. She returned Anne’s diary to her father and hadn 't read a single word. Miep also delivered some very heartbreaking news to Mr.Frank, Anne and her sister had died of typhus just a few days before their camp was liberated(Lewis …show more content…
The day before she was arrested Anne wrote about how she much wanted to be on the outside who she was on the inside (Frank 336). Anne Frank died in March 1945, along with her sister, in a concentration camp (Frank 339). Her diary was her prize possession. Her dream was to base a book on her diary and inspire the world. Her father made the dream happen when he decided to have her diary published. He called it “The Diary of a Young Girl.” it was first published in 1947 and since has been translated into seventy different languages. It is one of the most read books in the world and has given a voice to those silenced by the Holocaust. Through her diary Anne’s wish of her words living forever has come true. Anne wanted her life to have meaning and without even realizing it she she created her meaning. She wrote that she wanted to live forever...and she will (Lewis

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