Essay on Anne Frank 's Diary Of A Young Girl

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Every page of a “Diary of a Young girl,” consists of Anne Frank’s resilience. Her bravery has been recognized throughout the world for over 70 years. The three crucial ways Anne was resilient during times of desperation is that she was immensely flexible from day one, she had the perseverance to overcome her challenges and she used creativity to produce inspiring thinking. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who wrote a diary documenting her life while she was hiding in the secret annex. She is the most well known victim of the Holocaust because of her writing. Otto Frank, her father, had them go into hiding in the secret annex which was the attic to his workplace in Amsterdam. With the help of a few loyal workers they were able to stay hidden for over two years. From 1942-1944 Anne and her family spent their days hiding in the attic of the building her father worked in, until they were betrayed in August 1944. Although she did not survive the Holocaust, the mark she has left on the world will forever be remembered. Resiliency is the ability to recover and overcome challenges one may face. She has yet to fail as an inspiration to those young and old who have read her diary.

Anne was exceedingly flexible from the start. Obstacles always seemed to be in young Anne’s way. Around 1933, the Frank family moved from Germany to Amsterdam so they could escape Adolf Hitler. Rules to Jewish people were addressed and freedom would cease to exist to Anne. From wearing the yellow Star of David…

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