Anne Frank Diary Essay

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Temi Aminu

The Diary of A Young Girl

Big Idea:

Persecution of the Jews in World War II

Essential Questions:

1.Why does religion has to be a big problem?

2.How does people protect other members from society?


This book was a diary that was about the life of a young girl named Anne Frank. On Anne Frank thirteenth birthday her parents gave her a diary where she would confide all her secret thoughts. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who family was in danger, so they went into hiding during the World War II in a little section of Anne's father office building. For two years, eight people lived in the Secret Annex. The eight people were Anne, Edith, Otto, and Margot Frank, along with the Frank family was Hermann van
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She lived in Amsterdam with her family during the World War II. Fleeing the Nazi persecution of Jews, the family went into hiding for two years, during this time, Frank wrote about her experience and wishes. She was fifteen when the family was found and sent to concentration camps, where she died. Her work, The Diary of Anne Frank, has gone on to be read by millions.


The narrator was Anne Frank since her book was a diary about her life during the World War II.

Point of View:

This diary point of view is first person it was told from Anne Frank the narrator.
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The Nazis found the family and send them to Concentration Camp. Also Anne wanted a normal life where she can live in a normal town without the fear of persecution. The external conflict is Jews and the Holocaust situation, Anne and her mother and Anne and Mr. and Mrs. van Pels.

Protagonist & Antagonist:

The protagonist in the book was Anne Frank because the book was written in her perspective. The antagonist was the Nazis because they were a group that hated Jewish people. The Nazis would capture Jews and kill them or put them in a Concentration Camp. They were the main reason Anne and her family had to go into hiding.


The tone of the story would be fear and sadness. Fear is a tone because Anne Frank and her family had to live in fear because of the war and not getting caught by the Nazis. Sadness is a tone because at the ended of the book the Nazis founded the family and were worked to death at the Concentration Camp and Anne Frank died.


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